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Student Life

More than just Classes


Community Outreach

Being part of a greater community is also part of learning to become a contributing citizen and developing an appreciation for people in all walks of life. All students at DWA participate in our Community Outreach program. New volunteering opportunities are incorporated into the program so that socially responsible participation benefits both active students and growing communities.

The elementary students regularly visit the residents at one of three seniors' homes just a short walk away from the school. The special friendships that have grown strong between these young children and their lively counterparts bring a unique dimension to both parties.

The junior and senior high students have many diverse experiences learning the value and importance of the volunteer community. From preparing food for local shelters to stuffing care packages at the Red Cross, DWA students have helped many organizations throughout the years.

Our Current Partnerships:

  • Christine Meikle School - DWA students working with severly disabled teens
  • Bridgeland Women's Centre - Christmas food and toy drive
  • Veteran's Legion - Remembrance Day Field of Crosses flowers, Sun Rise Ceremony, Veteran's Breakfast; Veteran's food drives
  • Kids Cancer Care - sponsor at the annual Golf a Kid to Camp event; Camp Kindle participant


Student Government

Student Council is comprised of junior and senior high school students. Under the guidance of a teacher mentor, the council is responsible for new student initiatives, a variety of special events and dialogue with the school administration. Student council members are part of the Parent Advisory Council representing student perspectives on a variety of issues.

Out & About

DWA students spend an enviable amount of time outside of our school building on field trips, outdoor activities, theatre performances and special events. They visit venues in Calgary, Alberta and Canada, and experience the world at large on international excursions. All of these experiences solidify classroom learning and bring the world back into the school. For more information on international trips, see Travel the World.


A great variety of activities are available to develop personal interests and leadership, build school spirit and initiate involvement in unique projects. Some clubs have a long history at DWA and are offered yearly. Others are established at the request of students and may change annually. Some clubs are multi-aged, while others are just for specific grades.

  • Yearbook
  • Yoga
  • Chess & Checkers
  • Spanish & French
  • Volleyball
  • Craft
  • Science
  • Student Council
  • Intramurals
  • Debate
  • Games
  • Origami
  • Choir


Special Occasions

At DWA, almost any special occasion during the year brings the students and staff together for fun-filled times. Every student's birthday is celebrated, even in high school. Cake and candles (or Timbits, muffins and cupcakes) at recess time are cool at any age!

Special days such as Hallowe'en, St. Valentine's or St. Patrick's give everyone a chance to dress-up and partake of appropriate goodies. Other special days, chosen by Student Council, such as Pajama Day or Backwards Day are great for a lot of laughter and school spirit. The school Christmas party with the Secret Santa Gift Exchange is a perennial favourite.

Fun Lunches & Treat Days

Fun Lunches are monthly events through Healthy Hunger. All parents are invited to be part of Fun Lunch - it's another opportunity to spend an entertaining time with your child at school.

House Challenges

Every student and teacher is member of a House in school colours: D (teal), W (purple) or A (black).  House teams earn points during monthly House Challenges. Each House consists of students from all of the grades and they work cooperatively to help their team win individual challenges and amass points for the coveted House Cup for the end of the year.

Bring Your Parent to School Day

A DWA original! Students bring their parents to school to sit in on their classes, participate in their learning activities, go out to recess and get a feel for the dynamic school atmosphere. It is the best opportunity to spend time learning and sharing at school.

The teachers at DWA are very nice and cheery. Kids in different grades play with each other instead of staying in a group of just one grade. DWA is a very good school and it has been for the 7 years I’ve been here! DWA cares about our future and they do everything they can to make us succeed.


Grade 6

DWA is a great school because of the kind community and small class sizes that make it easy to have one on one time with teachers. A positive impact DWA had on my live was they made me stronger and more confident inside. DWA is a great school with kind and generous teachers, who put us before themselves.


Grade 9

DWA is great because the teachers pay attention towards you. Small class sizes make it easier to learn. The school community is kind and caring which provides students with a feeling of safety. I feel more courageous and stronger, as a result of my experience here.


Grade 10