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    We want you to have a great tour experience with someone there to answer your questions so please email or call the school office at 403.290.0767 to arrange a tour. This will ensure that we will have time for a complete tour and you will have all of your questions answered.

    Filling out the application form is the first step to learning about your child. It is one element which will help to determine if your child will be a good fit at Delta West Academy and vice versa. All of the information gathered in this process is held in the strictest confidentiality. If you only have a question or two, click on the “Have a Question” button on the web-site.

    You can apply anytime throughout the year. Applications are processed as they are received and if the grade you have applied for is full, you have the option of a waiting list. To avoid disappointment, please submit your application at least six months before the start date of your child’s new school year.

    Yes, we do.  After Care ends at 5:00 pm. The cost depends on the service selected. Please contact us for the current school years’ rates.

    Our school care program offers plenty of activity and after school, includes time set aside to complete homework before playing until pick-up.

    Delta West Academy is pleased to offer a private bus service on our own 15 passenger vans. Currently we are running a door to door service each morning, at noon for Kindergarten students and after school. Please see the attached form for more information and pricing.

    The Fraser Report only analyzes results based on class sizes that have 15 students or more. At DWA, our average class size is 10 students so we are not included in the Fraser report. Nonetheless, we would be pleased to share our Provincial Achievement Test results with you during a tour. Alternatively, you can read a detailed analysis in our Annual Education Results Report.

    Based on Fraser Institute rankings, Delta West Academy ranks at approximately 12th out of 659 schools in Alberta!

    Extremely well! In the last 10 years, 100% of our graduating students are accepted to the university or post-secondary program of their choice. DWA students have been recruited by top universities in Canada and the United States, and can fully expect the successful completion of their chosen programs. Our students are very well prepared to enter university once they have successfully completed the focused DWA high school program.

    Yes. The supervised lunch for elementary and junior high students is followed by the students’ second recess of the day which is also supervised. There is no fee for the supervised lunch and students have access to microwaves in their lunchrooms.

    As often as you like. We believe that timely communication is very important in creating and maintaining a constructive and positive educational relationship. You can speak informally with your child’s teacher before or after school, email anytime, or schedule a more formal meeting. You will hear from your child’s teachers at least a few times a month; we hope to hear from you at least as often as that, too.

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