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    Welcome to Canada!

    Canada is a wonderful place to live and we believe Calgary is one of its best cities. We also believe that Delta West Academy is one of its best schools. If you are looking for a challenging academic program in a more intimate school environment, you have found it. DWA has welcomed international students from all over the world who successfully completed our programs and if in high school, transitioned to universities and colleges.

    Student Visa

    • If you are planning to live in Canada without your parents or with other legal guardians, you are considered an international student.  You will be studying in Canada on a Canadian government-issued Student Visa and will need to apply for this Visa while still in your home country or last country of residence.
    • As a Visa student, you will need to be able to participate in the whole of Delta West Academy’s school life. This includes all of the classroom and school activities, including field trips and international trips in high school, special events such as the Christmas Concert and the June graduation ceremonies, and volunteering at school community events.
    • The family you live with also needs to be prepared to participate in our school community the same as any other family: regular communication with teachers, school parent meetings, Parent Teacher Interviews, fundraising, volunteering and attending school events.

    Admission Steps

    International visa students follow the same Admission Procedure as all other applicants. You will need to submit a completed application package. Instead of the student interview, we will conduct a Skype interview so we can get to know you better. Once you have arrived in Calgary, then we will conduct another school tour.

    If you require a Letter of Enrolment for the purpose of obtaining a Student Visa, this letter can only be issued after satisfying Admission requirements and upon receipt of $100 fee.

    International students residing in Canada under a student visa are not eligible for the Alberta Subsidy grant provided by Alberta Education.  As such,  an additional $5,000 per year is due above the regular tuition fees.  Subsequent fees may also be applied based on language assessments. 

    English Proficiency

    Delta West Academy does not offer specialized English Second Language (ESL or ELL) courses at this time. However, DWA offers small classes for intensive study in all subjects supported by attentive teachers and assistance in class. Nonetheless, international high school students need to be fluent in English in order to be successful in our academic program and to transition to university.

    Join our learning community and see where it can take you!

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