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    Backed by Research

    Development of the adolescent brain can be difficult to understand. In an article posted to edweek.org, the Alliance Consensus report has noted that Principals and educators need to teach students ways to recognize and develop healthy, social relationships early in adolescence which will benefit students to take “positive risks” such as leading class discussions or tackling challenging projects. The report goes on to say developing a growth mindset is key for teenagers, who are developing their sense of identity. Active ways of learning such as team projects, debates, and critical thinking are all ways DWA students challenge each other. Read more about the article here: The Teen Brain: How Schools Can Help Students Manage Emotions and Make Better Decisions (edweek.org)

    Delta West Academy incorporates these teachings as part of our daily program. Your child will benefit and be inspired in their day to day learning at DWA! See how our school can support your child’s social-emotional development through academics. Contact us today to experience our exceptional classrooms in action!

    Backed by Research

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