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    Launching Inspired Journeys

    There is only one Delta West Academy. Why should you care about that? For the same reason that you care about your child’s school experience…your child is unique and DWA believes in that.

    No one else is like your child yet we all want the same kinds of things for our children...amazing opportunities in life and the heart to experience them. So, we instill an “I can do that” attitude in all of our students. Dr. Alberta Bandura calls it “self-efficacy: a person’s belief in his or her ability to succeed in a particular situation”. Students develop this belief when they experience success over and over again in all areas…academically and socially, at school and globally, in their sports teams, debate teams and volunteer teams. It is a belief nurtured, modelled and put into practice by our staff when they seek out interesting science projects like building thermometers, introduce a Grade 4 class to SCUBA diving, have a high school Biology class watch a live knee operation via video link, or spend time after school helping a student refine their test preparation strategies.

    At DWA, it means students recognizing that every challenge has an approach angle and once it’s figured out, it is not really a challenge anymore, just another opportunity to succeed. It means developing strong problem solving skills whether that is tackling an algebra problem or a spat with a friend. It means bouncing back from failure secure in the knowledge that mistakes are a means of advancing learning whether that is a better story, a truly resonant stage performance or more soccer practice. It means school experiences as unique as your child.

    We can inspire your child to be a life-long achiever...to be successful in anything they choose to do.

    Come and visit Delta West Academy and imagine your child on an inspired journey for life.

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