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    Go global to become a globlal citizen. The best way to learn about a culture, its people, traditions, food, history, language, modern struggles and any other aspect one wishes, is to experience it first hand.

    High school students in Grade 11 and/or 12, have this fantastic opportunity. During these international trips, the students are actively studying and completing parts of various courses, actually “living” their curriculum. Real global citizenship requires real global experience.




    Ancient history and the roots of modern democracy were the focus in  Greece. Political systems, scuba certification and Spanish were important in Mexico. Shakespeare, Roman ruins and World Wars I & II comprised some of the topics of study in England and ScotlandBelize has provided exceptional experiences in the rain forest and Germany brought a new level of reality to World War II and the Cold War. Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef was a highlight of the Australia trip, and South Africa provided up close experiences on the living legacy of Apartheid, and of course, zebras! Japan was truly an experience in culture shock but one that left incredibly positive impressions. Italy was an amazing contrast of modern and ancient. Students experienced Portugal and Spain on a very unique river cruise. Peru has provided a contrast of stunning geography, excellent food and all of the struggles of a rapidly developing nation. DWA students were lucky enough to visit Turkey before its recent turmoil. An amazing blend of ancient cultures, religions and diversity.

    Studying abroad with friends and knowledgeable teachers creates memories to share for a lifetime.

    Museum of Tolerance

    The Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Los Angeles, California hosts the Museum of Tolerance – an interactive “museum” that brings history to life. In this technologically savvy venue, Grade 10 students explore the evolution of human rights in the western world and the challenges various groups have historically faced to have their rights recognized and accepted.

    Students are brought face-to-face with their own biases and prejudices in new and surprising ways, leading them to quickly recognize the consequences of ultimate intolerance and persecution. An entire floor is devoted to a very balanced, interactive Holocaust experience. The museum raises one’s awareness of how to be more tolerant, and develops an understanding of how to increase tolerance in our environment to build a better world. This experience builds a unique foundation for the entire high school Social Studies program.


    Through the Cuba-Canada schools program, students from Canada meet and learn with Cuban students in music, dance and sports schools. The Grade 10/11 students have the privilege every morning of interacting and working with Cuban students in modern, classical and Latin dancing; percussion training and volleyball workouts. In the afternoons, the class explores the many facets of Cuban culture. Local and international history, religion, geography and the vibrant social and sports life of Cubans. It’s an immersion experience like no other and a wonderful opportunity to practice their Spanish language skills.

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