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  • Movement Furniture

    Students at Delta West Academy have various options when it comes to choosing furniture for seated and non-seated activities. Besides the traditional classroom chairs and desks, they also have the option of choosing VS active learning furniture:

    • Hokki stools – the rounded bottom of the stool encourages subtle movement.
    • Panto-Move chairs – are height-adjustable and rocker-enabled to optimize a student’s seated position.
    • Standing desks – desks that can be height adjusted for taller students or for any student to stand while working.
    • Work Stations – stationary cycles with flat desk platforms

    Active learning furniture by VS is designed by kinesiologists and its benefits are backed by research.

    “Controlled freedom of movement stimulates the entire musculoskeletal system in a great variety of ways. … Body and mind are activated and the natural urge to move around is supported in a productive way.

    When sitting dynamically:

    • spinal column rhythmic self-adjustment happens on a regular basis
    • the spinal discs are continually supplied with nutrients
    • the complex muscles of the back are stimulated and strengthened
    • the joints of the spinal column – there are over 100 – maintain balance of movement” VS

    Since the spinal column is an extension of the brain, keeping it in balance and activated does the same for the brain!

    The learning benefits are considerable:

    • better focus and alertness for a longer period of time
    • greater retention and recall of learned material
    • more productive and engaged attitude

    Furniture that Moves Us

    Active learning furniture is part of a world-wide design effort to create learning spaces that are flexible, active and promote exploration, collaboration and concentration, cornerstones of DWA learning philosophy.

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