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    Robotics & Coding

    The focus of the DWA Robotics & Coding program is for students to develop high level problem solving skills through real life technological challenges. This STEM based program benefits the students in many ways as they gain familiarity with different computer systems, engage in the Scientific method, and design and build robots to achieve specific results.

    From Kindergarten to Grade 6, robotics and coding are integrated into regular Science classes so every child has a great start in this important field. In junior high and high school, Robotics is a Speciality Option for students to further develop their design and programming skills.

    DWA has invested in the Lego WeDo 2.0 and Mindstorms EV3 programs. The Lego base is already familiar to most students and makes building complex robots a very creative yet easy process.  The focus is on ingenuity!

    The students, depending on age and course, design robots using multiple functions and a variety of sensors for sound, light, colour, distance and movement to enhance their robots’ capabilities. From guided builds to fully original bots, students have the opportunity to continuously explore their own ideas and abilities.

    Learning Outcomes of Robotics:

    • Acquiring fundamentals of programming (Lego, Java & Scratch)
    • Engaging in the scientific method and problem solving
    • Trouble shooting
    • Collaborating
    • Applying creativity and imagination
    • Developing fine motor skills
    • Designing solutions to specific challenges
    • Achieving competition-ready status

    Sports Performance

    Not to be confused with the regular Physical Education class, the Sport Performance option is an additional course where students can pursue their passion for sports and athletics.

    • Non-traditional school sports; for example SCUBA diving
    • Dedicated off-campus sports venues
    • Trained sport-specific instructors
    • Intensive training sets
    • Sport nutrition focus
    • Mental fitness and training
    • Amateur & professional athletics speakers

    Each module features a variety of activities based on seasonal sporting opportunities depending on the semester the course is scheduled. With so many opportunities for students to stay physically active, our Sport Performance program offers students an opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills and a positive attitude that can contribute to the progression of athletic endeavours.

    Active living improves a student’s ability to learn, concentrate and feel good about themselves. Through participation in our program, students gain valuable life skills including leadership, communication and team working abilities that will assist their development in future years. The confidence gained from participation in activities they would otherwise not have an opportunity to experience, is instrumental in contributing to a positive educational experience for students at Delta West Academy.

    We pride ourselves in developing strong community partnerships throughout the city, allowing students to become familiar with various venues in which they may pursue these activities on their own or with their family.

    Some community organizations DWA works with regularly include

    • Bearspaw Golf and Country Club
    • Elev8 Lacrosse
    • Rumble Boxing
    • Fit Republic
    • Stronghold Climbing
    • Calgary Gymnastics Centre
    • Calgary Sports Hall of Fame
    • Epic Fencing
    • University of Calgary
    • Safe 4 Life
    • Winsport

    Media Design & Communication

    Media, Communication & Design (MCD) offers students the opportunity to explore and develop skills in traditional and web-based challenges on large-screen iMacs. By using industry-leading software to understand the elements and principles of design, the students are able to bring their artistic visions to life!

    Creating a comprehensive digital portfolio includes digital art, photography, and live-action and animated films. Students work with trained media and design instructors to navigate new platforms to merge creativity and technology.

    The students are also asked to examine different forms of media and how they impact our lives including social media. Ethically and safely navigating the online world is always a priority!

    This course is an option as early as Grade 4 and gains in complexity and challenge all the way to Grade 12.

    Media, Communication & Design:

    • Develop creative problem-solving skills
    • Gain knowledge of software used in industry – Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Acquire digital literacy skills
    • Produce multimedia content for a variety of platforms
    • Understand the role of visual communication and its cultural implications in society

    Outdoor Education

    At Delta West Academy, Outdoor and Environmental Education is a complimentary course that is offered through Junior High.  Using the outdoor environment as a vehicle to learn about the ecological processes and gain an awareness for living things will also allow for a greater appreciation in the relationship between human lifestyles and the environment.  Students prepare for many off-campus adventures in which they can demonstrate skills and apply their knowledge to environmentally responsible outdoor activities.

    Cooperation, collaboration and team building skills are also developed through this course as students learn to work together preparing for camp adventures.  The bond that is created between classmates and the memories of participating in camp activities are those that will stay with a child for a life time. Building confidence and reaching beyond one’s personal comfort level, lend to an overall positive and engaging education experience, which is attained at Delta West Academy.

    Hands on learning programs offer students an introduction to outdoor survival skills and environmental conservation.  While the leadership aspects of this course allow students to focus on personal and group development through outdoor adventure.

    Delta West Academy has worked closely with Camp Kindle for a number of years to provide our students with an exceptional outdoor education and leadership opportunity.  Students embark on

    • Ecology
    • Wilderness skills
    • Leadership
    • Orienteering
    • Cooperative Games
    • Initiatives & Team Building
    • Instincts for Survival

    Through the experience, students gain a greater appreciation for who they are as individuals as well as an improved ability to interact with others.

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